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KT will never cease to amaze me lar I tell you kanasai ….

Why only the other day when I dropped by McD while waiting for my bus back to KL (the bus stop is strategically placed right next to McD), I came across this big poster …..




Wah delivery man, there’s such thing in KT ……. 24 hours no less. Don’t believeler, must take a closer look first …..



Still cannot see wor, mah go damn close lor ….. Then ar ……




Wah lau eh kanasai lu and your grandfather …… Liddat also can wan ar !?!?

Hang on leh, that’s not the best part yet.We went up to the counter and asked the clueless lady at the counter …..

……. “Takdelah … Kita tak buka 24 jam …. Pukul 8 pagi sampai 11 malam saje” ……….

Son of a kanasai ……..

Burgers in a faraway place

It Can Only Be KT, My Favouriteson October 7th, 20071 Comment


Okay so take a look at this.

Nolah I’m not asking you to look at the Mercedeslah …. kanasai.

Yes it’s McD. In KT~! Yup it’s opening soon.

Would you believe me if I told you there has never been a McD in KT before this?

I do believe in time to come, history in KT will be divided into 2 eras ….The time BEFORE there was McD…. and the time AFTER it opened ……

I’m glad I’ll be there to witness this historic transition

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