Ladies Parking You Say?

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Been wanting to post this for a long time now ….

Mid Valley implemented a ‘Ladies Parking only’ quite a while back …

ladies parking

Now, I’m not a sexist. I feel that it’s great they’re doing something for the ladies.

A bunch of jealous females with questionable parking skills all cooped up in one area, trying to outdo each other on who parks the best and whose car looks prettier.

Mid Valley is definitely contributing to society.

But wouldn’t the inside of the parking lot look something like this ?


bad parking job lot accident car crash



Inconsiderate …..

Thoughts to Ponder, Very the Kanasaion September 16th, 20095 Comments

You know what’s plain shitty and disgusting ?

What’s plain shitty and disgusting is when you’re in a place like Mid Valley looking for a place to park.

 And you come across idiots parking their cars like this … 




Then I figured hey, the moron probably has an inferiority complex. That’s why he owns a fancy car and takes up 2 parking spaces.

Then I took a turn around the corner and holy mother of kanasai …

I saw this …


I was speechless man.

It’s true…….

Selfishness and inconsideration does not discriminate among different car drivers.

To the two idiots who own these cars (yes I didn’t even bother blacking out yor number plates, click on pictures to enlarge) ……

….The next time you’re looking for a parking space and see someone doing this to you ….

…. You know it’s karma hitting back at you right in the face.


Of Movies and more ….

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Have you been to the movies lately?

Why I was at GSC Mid Valley earlier today and the queue outside the counter booths stretched all the way round to the ice cream counter of McD.



In fact the queue was so discouraging that if you were waiting to get tickets and somehow ended up in the McD counter line, you’d probably just get an ice cream and leave.

At least you’d get instant gratification.

Really now …

The fact is I’ve been catching quite a number of movies lately. And I’ve been meaning to put my thoughts down on all these movies every single time I stepped out of the cinema.

Like this movie here ….


… Yup … Coming Soon, coming soon to theatres near you. They actually named a movie ‘Coming Soon’. What’ll they think of next man?

Most unfortunately, I said ‘meaning to’. And that usually means I haven’t really gotten around to actually doing it. I guess the excuse of me being busy no longer holds water …..

You’d all probably go like … ‘Yar right Mr Kanasai … got time to watch movie no time to update blog.’


This time I’ve just been procrastinating. But fear not my loyal blog readers ….. procastinate no more I will. Did I just talk like Yoda?

Yes yes … I vow to get all my kanasai thoughts down before they’re lost forever …..

….. I’ll start tomorrow.


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