That Kanasai Solo Album

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So, do you remember those ugly guys who form that band called Inverted Coma?

Yup, the same one that had that hideous kanasai guitarist who also blogs about really kanasai stuff?

No? Okay. But I’m here to remind you anyway.

Well, that kanasai guitarist recently launched his own solo album. *cough*cough*. And he’s talking to you right now. That guitarist is me. Woohooo. *add dramatic entrance music*

Cause somewhere along the way I figured it wasn’t too enticing playing with a bunch of sweaty musicians every week. So I went out and did my own thing.

The result is a 5-song EP with all my best material, written and recorded with every bit of sweat and dirt that I had. Now, that sounded really gross.

If you’d like to listen to the EP, I’ve provided the link to the entire album that you can stream on Youtube. Also, if you, by any chance feel generous, you can of course, buy the album on Bandcamp. If you feel particularly benevolent, why not hit the buy album several times?


Totally Unkanasai~!!

Inverted Coma for Best Rock Act in VIMA Awards 2013

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Inverted Coma for President in 2013~!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten your attention …..

Them 4 ugly dudes in that band called Inverted Coma are back. And with them, new songs that are guaranteed to stir emotions in you …. though not always positive ones.

We’ve been nominated in the upcoming VIMA (Voize Independent Music Awards) 2013 in not one … but two categories. *gasp*

Yup, we’re up for awards in these categories :-

Best Rock Song 

Best Rock Act

So whilst you loyal readers are getting your daily dose of kanasainess over here, why not mosey along over to the links above and vote for us?

I don’t think you’ve got much to lose … except your dignity and sensible judgement.

You’re probably going to ask this next …. what song was kanasai enough to be nominated for a Best Rock Song award? Ahakz. The answer is our latest single ‘Berdikari’ which can be heard here :

Inverted Coma Soundcloud

It’s our first foray into Malay song writing. We figured, we’re in Malaysia, so we’re out to prove that we can make kanasai music not only in English, but in Malay as well.

So there you go ….. do vote for us. If we do win in any of the above categories, (however unlikely that may be), I’ll be giving out free copies of our upcoming album to my vast legion of loyal readers~!

All 6 of you…



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Hey you …….


Yup … I’m talking to you……..


You Asian Rapper dudes you …….


I’ve got a question for you ……..


Please answer me this…….




The song is DRIVING ME NUTS ~!!!



Inverted Coma in Galaxie … really?

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If you’re down at the magazine shop and happen to see Galaxie magazine on the stands ….

I implore you to pick up a copy for yourself.

For Inverted Coma‘s in it~!

Yup, we’d already suspected it the other day when Edward Gomez, an editor of the magazine met up with us and started asking us questions about the band.

So do get yourself a copy …..

Or you could just like …. click on the picture, enlarge the article and read it here … 


…… and indirectly contribute to magazine piracy~! WoohOoo.

But seriously now, it’s a great magazine with great content so do get yourself a copy and check it out.


Vote for Inverted Coma~! Please? Pretty pleasseee?

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You know I don’t ask much of you loyal readers.

Other than those times I make you visit my blog everyday … and insist that you click on my ads….. and leave comments and …

 … okay that’s besides the point.

You know that band I keep going on and on about?


Yup the one called Inverted Coma with all those sweaty ugly guys in it. 

Well they’ve managed to get themselves on the FlyFM Campur Chart. ‘Miracles’ made its debut at number 10 last Sunday.

You can download the song right here :

Inverted Coma – Miracles

Being fresh at number 10, we do hope that you will contribute to our climb up the charts.

Or at the very least help us stay at number 10.

Otherwise we’d be the first band in music history to debut in a music chart one week, then get kicked off the following week.

Oh dear, why do I feel that coming?

So, here I make a small plea. Do check out our song on the Campur Chart link below, or download the song using the link above. If you like what you hear, vote for us~!

All you have to do is go to

You’ll notice us at number 10 on the 13th July chart

Click on vote.

Register your email address.

Then … tempting as it is to vote for the other bands so as to kick us off the charts, I implore you to go against your better judgement and vote for us~!

Should you unwittingly find yourself wanting more of the band, do check out our myspace profile at

or our blog (with new pictures from our recent photo shoot) at:

or become a facebook ‘fan’ over at

Inverted Coma Facebook Profile

Incidentally the Fly FM Campur Chart goes on air every Sunday at 7-8pm.

Hope you’ll tune in this Sunday.

And hope to goodness we’ll still be on the chart then ….


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