More Nudist Recording ….

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There you go ….. another topic headline to grab your attention 

(and to prove once again how kanasai I am)

So Inverted Coma went into the Studio 21:05 again the other day.

To record the vocals for the upcoming second single, which at the moment, out of any better name to call it, is named ‘Nudist Song’.

So I’ve got people asking me why the heck it was called ‘The Nudist Song’ in the first place?

Well, that’s cause one day while we were jamming in the studio, the air cond stopped working. And we were sweaty as hell.

So we did what every self respecting band would do. Strip naked. The song was written when we were all buck naked. Hence the name ‘Nudist Song’


Okay you can stop rolling your eyes now.  

You know I’m just messing with you right?

On a more serious note. The song was written with one thing in mind. The beach.

You see, while other countries wait 3 season to get to summer and the beach, we Malaysians have good weather all year round. So to quote David’s first line of the Nudist Song …

“Summer nights are something us equator folks get round the years so we don’t need to wait till then to show our crooked tails”

And that’s exactly what the whole song is all about. Sand and sea, girls, beach volleyball, fun and everything beachy (not bitchy mind you) you can think of.

So when we were thinking of names for the song, we were hard pressed not to give it a cliche’d and gay ass name. Like …

“Happy Fun Song” or …

“Malaysian Brown Watered Beaches” or ….

“Mandi Manda Di Pantai”

And us being plain kanasai dudes, mention the word beach and nudity came into mind. So we thought we’d use that name for the time being and change it into something else once the song was done.

The song is done. In fact it’s been done for a long time now. The name still sticks though.

But we figured no Malaysian radio station’s gonna play a song called ‘Nudist’ so it’ll probably be called something else once the official recording is out.

So there, a brief explanation of an upcoming song that, if radio stations knew was centered around nudity, might never be played on Malaysian airwaves.

It’ll take pobably a month or so before it’s ready for public consumption.

In the meantime, here are pictures of 4 clueless people in the studio to tide you till then. 





Incidentally, ‘Miracles’ was number 6 last week. So for those who have been giving their fullest support all this while, I thank you.

For the rest who’ve come to their senses and realized that Inverted Coma is too kanasai for you, I appeal for you to dispel all logic and continue voting.

Miracles can be downloaded here


Nudist Recording ….

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What comes into mind when you see a CD with this scrawled on it ? 


Why NAKED people of course. A porn video being filmed. Right?

But if you were to take a look at the whole CD and saw this …. 


 You’d probably be thinking something else no?

Hey I hear people puking.

…… please tell me you didn’t just picture members of Inverted Coma naked.

There’re lots of people you probably want to see naked …. 


These 4 ugly people are definitely not any of them ….

No no …… the Nudist is the second single that Inverted Coma is recording at the moment…..

…..The follow up to the highly successful first single called Miracles, the song that has until now not received any airplay on the radio nor has anyone heard of …..

Sigh ….. this rock star dream’s going to need more work than I thought.

On a more serious note now  ……

Been busy for the past few weeks doing 3 things.

1. Passing the first single, Miracles to just about every radio station in town

2. Heading into the studio for the recording of the second single, the Nudist song.

3. Fantasizing that I’m a big rock star touring India, Thailand and Cambodia.

Well, I’ve been busy with no 3 ever since I’ve been a teenager. So much so that seriously, doing shows in those 3 countries would seem more of a dream than a joke.

Where no 1 is concerned, the good ol people at the radio station have all been relatively nice and kind to us. When I say kind I mean they didn’t take one look at our CD and throw it into the trash.

So in a bid to get support from all loyal readers, do listen out for Miracles on radio stations such as Flyfm, Mix, Hitz, HotFm, TraxxFM and the like. The song is available for download right here …..

Inverted Coma – Miracles

I know why you guys are looking at me funny. You’re probably thinking  ….

“This guy’s a dumbass. If I’ve already downloaded the song, why bother listening out for it on the radio right?”

Well, you’re both right and wrong …

For one, you’re right. I’m a dumbass.

But here’s where you’re wrong, the song might appear on radio charts which might require voting. If that’s the case, I suggest you do what’s right …

Put off your plans of donating to charity … and vote for good ol Kanasai Jay’s band here.

I know I know …. I’m shameless.

Anyway, there’re a few pictures of our recording session in JD’s studio that I want to share with you here, in the hope that you’ll be convinced how good Inverted Coma really is …. 


A picture of me and Julie cringing at the horrible music being recorded ….


 A picture of Raymond playing with his iPhone when the music started getting boring …..

Raymond was playing with his iPhone from the start ….I guess the music was really boring …. 


A picture of what we started doing when all of us started getting bored of our own song …. 


A picture of David sighing and wondering why he actually joined the band ….

I’m glad I didn’t take up marketing or advertising.

But seriously now …. on to the actual photos and shameless self promo for Inverted Coma ….. (pictures courtesy of Joe) 






Do check out for more info on the band. Will create a link for you guys to download Miracles soon … once I figure out how to create that link.

I’ll be heading into the studio next week to lay my guitar parts down ….

Will have loads of other pictures to bore you with then ….


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