Ladies Parking You Say?

Good ol Kanasai KL, My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion September 25th, 2013No Comments

Been wanting to post this for a long time now ….

Mid Valley implemented a ‘Ladies Parking only’ quite a while back …

ladies parking

Now, I’m not a sexist. I feel that it’s great they’re doing something for the ladies.

A bunch of jealous females with questionable parking skills all cooped up in one area, trying to outdo each other on who parks the best and whose car looks prettier.

Mid Valley is definitely contributing to society.

But wouldn’t the inside of the parking lot look something like this ?


bad parking job lot accident car crash



Misguided parking ….

A Lot Of Nonsense, Disputable Languageon April 9th, 20092 Comments

See here see here …

I just can’t resist putting this up I just can’t resist putting this up.

Look at at this …… 


Looks like a parking lot no?


Nope …..

Apparently it’s ….


…..a PAKING lot.


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