Of Peculiar Requests

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Working in a retail pharmacy, I sometimes get really weird requests from customers ….

Like the other day, I came to work and saw this note tacked up near my desk, no doubt written by one of my staff…



Because Normal Cough Ingredients Are Too Mainstream …

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Have you ever tried taking one of those Cap Tiga Kaki kinda cough mixtures?

The ones that have absolutely no proof that they work yet you take them cause your dead grandfather told you it’s good?

Yup, something like this?

Bet you’ve never ever taken a look at the ingredients have you?

Well, being a pharmacist (not pharmacee mind you), I thought I’d just take a glance behind the box ….

Cause that’s what we pharmacists do …. look at medicine ingredients and pretend we know what we’re looking at.

But if you take a closer look ….

You’ve got yada yada yada ….

But if you take a MUCH closer look ….

You’ll be like …..


Our Erotic Drug Formulary

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If you’re a pharmacist you probably know about our MOH drug formulary.

Or the book which we all refer to so fondly as ‘The Blue Book’

 I know that sounds wrong on so many levels.

For the uninitiated, our Blue Book contains the entire list of drugs and medications approved by our Ministry of Health.

But here’s the thing …. if you think Blue Book sounds wrong.

Wait till you hear what they all call it in Bahasa Malaysia.

So we have the word Formulari Ubat right?

And this Formulari belongs to our MOH right? Or Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

So the good ol people over at the ministry decided to just put those two together and come up with an acronym

Formulari Ubat KKM

It cracks me up every single time I get letters from them regarding our FUKKM.


Farmasi Ghairah

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Flipping through the TV channels nowadays has me thinking …. they have a tv drama for just about every kanasai thing in the world today …..

  • There’s Grey’s Anatomy – surgeons who sleep around so much, I wonder why they bother wearing clothes at all
  • The Practise – lawyers and more lawyers
  • CSI : Miami, CSI : Special Unit (or something liddat), CSI this, CSI that – all about forensics experts who always end up catching the baddies
  • Prison Break – breaking out of prison was never so glamorous
  • Who wants to be this, who wants to be that, cripes I even actually sat down to an episode of ‘Who wants to be a superhero’…. no, I wasn’t mixing my medications.

Then there’s House, Nip/Tuck, and loads of other medical related dramas…

Which brings me to my point. Why hasn’t anyone made a drama about pharmacists yet ?

We could give it a local touch and make it in BM. And we could call it …..

“Keghairahan Pegawai-pegawai Farmasi Sektor Kerajaan”

Sex is a taboo in this country ….. so no sex. We could film the normal daily lives of pharmacists who come to work everyday, mingle ‘secara sihat’ with their ‘rakan sekerja’ then pack up their bags and go home to their families….

Politics and other negative things are a big no as well. So no such thing as backstabbing and ‘penindasan’ to get that promotion in the hospital because it will ‘mencemari profession farmasi Malaysia di mata dunia’. We are ‘masyarakat penyayang’ so we love each other, we love our patients, we love our patients’ grandparents and also the warts on their asses.

We have like …. the 5 S thingy being implemented now …. (or is it 5 C ?) Nonetheless, that could make for an interesting episode. Why not have a pharmacist explain each and every R…. I mean S, stretch it as long as 10 minutes per S, then when it’s all explained, pretend that we remember what the 5 P ….. I mean 5 S mean and pretend that we practise it every day. Entertainment for the whole family.

Oh … the tea breaks. How about an episode called … ‘Pegawai yang enggan pergi minum’

…… where he was shunned by his fellow colleagues for being plain weird ….

And we all know just how interesting our jobs get at times. Take the store for example, man it doesn’t get more interesting than that. I mean, which part of inventory checking, store management, stock balancing and record keeping doesn’t sound interesting to you?

…. yup we all love it ….. like we love having a hole in our heads ….

The audience will love it too….. they’ll love it when the episode ends …..

…… No doubt the show will not last beyond the pilot episode …….

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