Who Loves To Poop?

Good ol Kanasai KL, Plain Crazy Things, Very the Kanasaion January 2nd, 2013No Comments

Saw this notice tacked up on a toilet wall the other day ….

I don’t know about you but the dude’s face totally creeps me out ….






Speak With Horrible Engrish Part 2 ….

Disputable Language, Very the Kanasaion January 12th, 2009No Comments

I kinda thought the Speaking With Impact poster had horrible enough english … 


Well I think this one just moved up a notch on my list of atrocious language ….

When I read this, I thought they were speaking a different language …


And then there was hope ….

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, Plain Crazy Thingson July 8th, 20082 Comments

Eh eh eh ……

So this was on the ground floor of my office building ….


Saw this in a different building …. 


Apparently someone printed a sticker thingy and pasted it on the orginal poster ….. 

Awwwwwwwww …..

Some one does care enough for the English language ……

There’s hope after all ……

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