What’s With This Obsession with Cocks?

A Lot Of Nonsense, Good ol Kanasai KLon November 7th, 2015No Comments

I remember posting something some time back. Something about a Happy Cock Restaurant. Over here.

So, an old friend of mine showed me this the other day.

2015-10-21 22.19.05

Stop it with this cock obsession already….


You just wait and wait …

It Can Only Be KT, Very the Kanasaion May 2nd, 2011No Comments

Just came back from Dungun where I spent the weekend attending a forum.

I really gotta say that taking a drive through Terengganu brings back so many memories ….

Like that time when I was in this eating place near Paka ordering food ……

I distinctly remember what me and my colleague ordered.

It was a simple nasi goreng and mee goreng dish.

And it took ages and I mean AGES for the dishes to be served despite there being absolutely nobody in the restaurant…..

I finally got a chance to take a picture of the restaurant’s name …

No wonder lahh …..


What Corner?

Good ol Kanasai KL, Very the Kanasaion December 2nd, 2008No Comments

I work in a pharmacy now.

And the place where I work in now, 90% of the patients we cater to are TB patients.

Yes TB as in tibi as in tuberculosis.

I would say that there’re so many of these bacteria flying around my work place everyday ….. 


That to mention the word TB would seem taboo.

So it’s really beyond me …..

why ….

….. someone would name his restaurant this …. 




Big Encounter At A Small Restaurant

It Can Only Be KT, Somewhat Serious Issueson August 10th, 20088 Comments

So I was sitting at one of the eating places this morning with my driver after a case at the KT Magistrate Court.

Minding my own business as always.

Suddenly this dude in a rather expensive looking shirt came into the restaurant.

And started shaking everyone’s hands.

See the funny thing was that he was shaking hands like he knew everyone. But he wasn’t smiling. In fact he looked downright serious.

A bit kanasai as well.

The next thing I knew, he was at my table offering his hand. Like he knew me.

Of course with his arm extended in greeting, I had no choice but to shake his handlor.

So I shook his hand. And gave him a toothy smile. And said at the back of my mind ..

“Who the hell is this dude?”

Ever had someone you totally don’t know come up to you and shake your hand? With a really solemn face to boot.

So I thought …… celebrity? Nahh … he looked more like a government servant.

Celebrities look like this …. 


Government servants look like this …… 


They usually wear batik and look very happy.

But this dude shaking my hand didn’t look very happy wor. And not wearing batik what. Can’t be government servant kuar.

Unless he was posted to a state that he didn’t want. Much like someone you know.

So the dude with the solemn face sat down at the other table.

That’s when I took a peek outside and noticed brand new shiny black Mercs gleaming under the sunlight.

Then it dawned on me …

Terengganu + kanasai state government + equally kanasai prime minister = 14 new black Mercs paid for using tax payers’ money recently.

Must be minister lor.

That’s when my driver remembered, it was the Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, Datuk Noh Omar.

Holy crap. I didn’t even know there was such a Menteri in our country.

So I thought I’d take a picture of the dude.

Of course I couldn’t just walk up to him and take a picture paparazzi style.

Using my camera phone and pretending I was SMSing someone, I quietly snapped a shot of him from the side.

But then hor, on the way back to the office, I was showing my driver the picture I took. And he said …..



I took the picture of the wrong person wor.

And removed any doubt in my mind that I really am very dumb.

The dude who was shaking everyone’s hand was apparently his personal assistant or something.


No wonderlah he looked so unhappy. If I had to shake hands with strangers everyday I’d be pretty darn pissed as well.

So this is the picture I took.


Then I came back and googled Datuk Noh Omar and he looks like this. 


Kanasai ……

I really need to take more interest in our country’s Cabinet memberslah.

You know you’re in trouble..

Plain Crazy Things, Somewhere Else, Thoughts to Ponderon May 3rd, 20084 Comments

You know your mamak restaurant is in trouble when ……

  • People ask for things like nasi goreng, roti canai and also sup kambing and your only response is …. tarah lah boss
  • People consider climbing into their cars and driving across town at 2am in the morning for food …… even though your restaurant’s next door ….
  • Your restaurant has only 2 tables occupied …. the first one by us and the second one by a group of people wearing your restaurant’s uniform ….. and the 2nd table has more people


  • Your customer complains about your teh tarik ……… because it’s not sweet enough


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